Company Overview

C-Pro Worx (PTY) LTD, founded in 2019, started out as a company specializing in High Area Cleaning, now has the expertise &  extensive knowledge to take on any type of cleaning requirement, as well as hygiene for restrooms & ablutions.

With an eye for perfection & attention to detail, our company has successfully completed numerous tasks and is steadily becoming a well-known, all round, 1 stop cleaning service provider.

The methodologies on our procedures have been solely written & compiled by the CEO, with 10 years industry experience and a proven track record of successfully completing many cleaning related services, our company finds itself at the forefront for cleaning & hygiene services.

Our range of services include a wide range of cleaning services & hygiene control, our techniques are in line with modern day cleaning methodologies & the latest in technology when it comes to our equipment & chemicals.

Our Vision

We believe everyone has the right to live and work in a clean, safe, enjoyable environment. We believe it’s important to look after people.

Hence we have adopted the ‘Clean Space, Clear Mind’ marketing principles.

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Our Mission

The team at C-Pro Worx is committed to providing the highest quality service, in commercial & domestic cleaning by exceeding the expectations of our clients. It is our wish to create and maintain prosperous and enjoyable environments where our performance can thrive.

Customer satisfaction is our main goal, not only do we aim to make a sale, but we also aim to build a long-term customer relationship, ranging from our corporate clients to the domestic individual.

We place value on the human aspect of our brand and we base our success on our ability to see our clients, not as numbers, prospects or jobs, but as people.

Our goal is to lead by example and maintain the best practices & highest standards in the industry.

Our Values

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of accountability, we strive to act with honesty, openness & integrity.

C-Pro Worx is an inclusive organisation where people of all creeds are welcomed & respected on their merits. We strive to act with integrity towards our staff, customers, community & environment.

We make use of innovative & unique cleaning techniques with a dedication to using green products & consumables in caring for the environment.

Not only do we provide fully certified, industry-leading commercial cleaning & hygiene solutions for businesses of any size, we offer ongoing support facilitated by innovative and progressive systems.